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What Others Had to Say
About Robert Rubinstein

"Bob Rubinstein has done more for the art of storytelling than anyone I know. Back when most people had forgotten about the art, he was expertly sharing it, teaching it, and passing it on to new generations. Kids, like me, found talent they didn't know they had. Story-starved grownups were given permission to once again enjoy something just about as fundamental as oxygen. All of us are better because of it."
-- Christopher Leebrick, Award-winning Storyteller

"It was a great pleasure to host your storytelling program last Saturday at the Eugene Public Library. The group of 60 attentive children and adults clearly enjoyed the captivating animal tales from around the world which you shared. Your intentional inclusion of plentiful opportunities for active participation by audience members was wonderful; encouraging singing as well as growling, barking, buzzing, and other critter sounds. I also appreciated the sprinkling between stories and songs of little known animal facts."
-- Vicki Morgan, Youth Services, Eugene Public Library (April 5, 2006)

"You are an engaging storyteller, and we learned a few techniques by watching you! Your presentation reminds us to bring levity, laughter, and stories into the classroom."
-- Dr. Kelly Morrow, Bastyr University

Comments About the Storytelling
& Theatre Games Workshop with Robert Rubinstein


"I like the interaction, playing the games, telling stories, and especially, Robert';s storytelling! I´ll tell more stories in class, be able to get kids improvising stories, and use stories for trust games"

"The strongest features were the activities to get kids involved and people participating in the workshop. I´ll use stories for our multi-cultural Fridays to tell more folktales myself and have students tell tales."

"These activities I can use as class ´sponges´ and to supplement reading and social studies lessons"

"I liked the modeling of storytelling and the group participation. I will use this in my teaching. I am re-inspired to include oral presentations and storytelling."

"Good modeling, helpful suggestions and activities. I can use these to work with students towards meeting benchmarks in the area of speaking."

"I see how effective storytelling is. And the great thing about story telling is it can be about anything!"

"Great exercises and activities to use with students immediately. Thanks for sharing your gifts, talents and experience!"

"Thank you for your insights for this class. I really appreciate you taking your valuable time to help me create a successful storytelling class. Everything that you have shared has been so helpful.."



"CURTAINS UP! THEATRE GAMES & STORYTELLING is listed for grades 4-8, but it´s just the type of book I would also use to create exciting adult storytelling classes. Rubinstein has given the storytelling teacher another unique activity book to not only liven up the classes but also to warm up each session for openers. Not only that, families, scout and youth groups can come together to have fun using many of the theatre games. . . . This book will benefit the story teacher, the story coach, counselors, teachers, scout and youth leaders, and even anyone planning a family reunion."
Linda Spitzer, THE TALE TRADER, January 2001
(CURTAINS UP! THEATRE GAMES & STORYTELLING provides over 100 activities to use for skill-building, curriculum enhancement, small-to-large group activities of all ages, family communication and counseling.)

Comment on "Teaching and Using Laughter & Humor in Middle School" workshop

"Thank you for the ´Teaching Laughter and Humor in Middle School´ workshop that you gave last weekend at the International Reading Association Conference in Albuquerque. The handouts are excellent to read over again, reflect on the hour spent with you and figure out what I may adapt and try with my 4th grade students.
"We have the new Mexico writing assessment next week - then standardized testing in March. I know that I'll have some new ways to relieve testing tension.
"Thank you again for an excellent and helpful workshop. "
Sincerely, Anne F. Berlin

More Enthusiastic Comments

"WOW! All I heard from participants in your storytellers´ workshop yesterday were exclamations of awe and wonderment. The docents were amazed not only at your storytelling, but also at your ability to help make them storytellers themselves. . . . I thank you for showing them how easily they can do that. Stories help bring audience and interpreter together and open up whole new worlds to the museum/park visitor."
Jo Falls, Director of the Tohono Chul Park Education Center, Tucson

"Storyteller Rubinstein bases his fanciful narratives on both biblical sources and Jewish folklore, adding drama and dialgoue to conjure imaginative pictures of these ´strange´ characters. Rubinstein´s voice, with its easy timbre and pacing, is effective; the stately music of cello and trumpet weave the six tales together. This CD wil be enjoyed by those interested in mythological beings and will be of interest in libriaries with active multicultural collections."
- Gretchen Furber for The American Library
Association's BOOKLIST
- December 15, 1999.

"Robert Rubinstein represented the Northwest Region at the Exchange Place at the 1999 National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN, where a packed tent gave a warm welcome to tellers from around the U.S. He told the exciting "Seth" from his new CD: "Strange Tales from Biblical Times."

"In this fine collection, Robert Rubinstein has chosen stories that care for those who hear them, stories that need to be ´given away.´ Rubinstein weaves the thread of healing throughout the selections."
- April 15, 1993, A.L.A. BOOKLIST review of "The Rooster Who Would Be King & Other Healing Tales"

"´Strange Tales from Biblical Times´ drew rave reviews and repeated exclamations of ´it´s excellent,´ from my two sons."
- May 15, 1999, Deborah Seldner. THE JEWISH REVIEW.

"I am very grateful to you for your talent and for the generosity with which you share your experiences. This storytelling conference touched people at a deep level spiritually, emotionally and intellectually; people are going back to their communities renewed and inspired. This is a tribute to your contributions."
- Victoria Fridley, Director, Department of Education, Western Montana College

"Your contribution to the Resident Teacher Master´s Seminar was one of the highlights of the year. Your presentation was rated one of the most valuable and practical."
- Dr. Robert C. Proudfoot, Director,
Resident Teacher´s Master Program, University of Oregon

"Your Troupe of Tellers is a model for children´s storytelling programs across the country. We appreciate and enjoy working with you!"
- Jimmy Neil Smith, Director, National Storytelling Association

"WHEN THE TROUPE TELLS TALES...is an invaluable video to those who want to use storytelling in the school and/or teach young people the joys and skills of telling tales."